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Alla Lama, the most beautiful track in Italy

Born from a redevelopment project for an old railroad, la Lama is the best forest track in Italy

Its beauty brought to the award for the most beautiful forest track in Italy and, we have to admit the Lama Forest, placed in the context of the Parco delle Foreste Casentinesi in Romagna, it’s a unique place. 

The track was born on an old railway, used to transport wood in the country. 

The cycling path starts from Cancellino (Tuscany) and arrives to the Lama, going through Passo Lupatti, Grigiole, Ponte la Guardia, and Fonte Solforosa, it’s about 20 km long and doesn’t have specific criticalities. 

The road is unpaved, except for a small paved section, and it’s never muddy, an important feature that allows one to cycle with confidence. Along the track one can admire the biodiversity that characterizes these areas, especially it is possible to meet wild animals and admire the typical red ant nests, almost one meter high and properly fenced to avoid damaging them.